Deidre Spray

Deidre is one of Blue Feather's co-owners. She has loved dancing and movement since she was a kid, and started teaching yoga in 2016. Deidre is earth-conscious and is excited to use her years of retail experience to create a sustainable aerial fitness studio and athleisure shop.

Some of her favorite things . . .

Color:  Blue

Musician:  H.E.R.

TV Show:  Schitt's Creek

Plant:  Chamomile 

Vegan Food:  Kite Hill Jalapeño Cream Cheese

Hobbies:  Swimming, hiking, dancing

Spirit Animal:  Bear

Gemstone:  Moonstone

Aerial Trick:  Vampire Bat

Local Hangout:  Vegan Food House


Sonja Spray

The other co-owner, Sonja has been teaching yoga for more than ten years and took her first trapeze class in 2011. She's so excited to combine her favorite movement practices at BF. Sonja is also an Accessible Yoga certified teacher.

Some of her favorite things . . .

Color:  Green

Musician:  Patty Griffin

Book:  Everything I Never Told You

Plant:  Ferns & Lilacs

Vegan Food:  Rosemary Sourdough

Hobbies:  Pie making, guitar.

Spirit Animal:  Swan

Gemstone:  Bloodstone

Aerial Trick:  Georgia Twist

Local Hangout:  Taco y Vino


Amanda Johnson

Amanda is a studious yogi who achieved her RYT 200 in 2009, and has since received intensive training in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga. She holds certifications for Pilates and Cycling too, and was a Division I collegiate athlete–Women’s Crew at UNC (Go Heels!). She's a total geek at heart and loves studying nutrition (spent most childhood summers at science camp), and has read The Lord of the Rings nine times (yes, the whole trilogy). 

Some of her favorite things . . .

Color:  Turquoise

Musician:  Above & Beyond, Deva Premal for mantras

Book:  Pathways to Joy

TV Show:  Outlander

Plant:  Orchids

Vegan food:  P.F. Chang's Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts

Hobbies:  Any and every style of Yoga, Pilates, Barre

Hometown:  Concord, NC

Spirit Animal:  Phoenix

Gemstone:  Turquoise again!

Aerial trick:  Flying Dancer

Local hangout:  Blue Feather, of course! ;)



Tab has been practicing aerial arts since 2016, and although she claims her affinity is for the aerial lyra, she has also grown very fond of the aerial hammock. Tab loves the mindfulness and healing aspects that aerial arts provide, as well as the mind + body connections it strengthens. She is looking forward to sharing and connecting with those that aim to empower and strengthen one another!

Some of her favorite things . . .

Color:  Lavender

Musician:  Blood Orange, Perfume Genius

Movie: Death Becomes Her

TV Series: Insecure

Book: The Body Keeps the Score

Plant:  Sunflower 

Vegan Food: Curry, Violife Cheddar Cheese

Hobbies:  Floral Arranging

Hometown:  Dallas, TX

Spirit Animal:  Pekingese

Gemstone:  Opal

Aerial trick:  Whip Up

Local hangout:  Tribal Cafe, Tiny Victories


Tory Lonn

Tory is a thoughtful teacher who has gained experience exploring several yogic approaches. In addition to aerial yoga, she teaches yoga on a mat or a paddle board. She's also a Reiki practitioner and ayurvedic coach.

Some of her favorite things . . .

Color:  All colors

Band:  Hot Sugar

Book:  Move Your DNA 

Plant:  Agave 

Vegan food:  Obsessed with savory sweet potatoes.

Hobbies:  Painting and drawing

Hometown:  I’m a Midwest girl.

Spirit Animal:  Tiger

Gemstone:  Carnelian and bloodstone

Aerial trick:  Savasana 

Local hangout:  My home.

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