Deidre Spray

Deidre is one of Blue Feather's co-owners. She's loved dancing and movement since she was a kid, and started teaching yoga in 2016. Deidre is earth-conscious and is excited to use her years of retail experience to create a sustainable aerial fitness studio and activewear shop.

A few of her favorite things . . .

Color:  Blue

Musician:  H.E.R.

TV Show:  Schitt's Creek

Plant:  Chamomile

Food:  Kite Hill Jalapeño Cream Cheese

Hobbies:  Swimming, hiking, dancing

Animal:  Bear

Gemstone:  Moonstone

Aerial Trick:  Vampire Bat

Local Hangout:  Vegan Food House


Sonja Spray

The other co-owner, Sonja has been teaching yoga for more than ten years and took her first trapeze class in 2011. She's so excited to combine her favorite movement practices at BF. Sonja is also an Accessible Yoga certified teacher and enjoys teaching individual lessons.

A few of her favorite things . . .

Color:  Green

Musician:  Patty Griffin

Book:  Everything I Never Told You

Plant:  Ferns

Food:  Sourdough bread with rosemary

Hobbies:  Pie making, playing guitar

Animal:  Owl

Gemstone:  Peridot

Aerial Trick:  Georgia Twist

Local Hangout:  CocoAndré


Macey McDowell

Macey started her aerial journey in 2019, wanting to try something new that would challenge her body and mind, so she and her best friend took their first pole class. That turned into her diving into the aerialist community, trying out all of the apparatuses and falling in love with the whole world of it.


A few of her favorite things . . .

Aerial Trick: Any smooth aerial flow that I can record and make a cute IG reel or TikTok of (haha)

Hobbies: I’m a part time fashion photographer and I own an online vintage clothing store! I like to say this is my hobby and not work, but it’s definitely both. 


Linda Nguyen

Aerial was always something I loved to watch, and I was in awe of people on social media on silks and other aerial apparatuses. I actually tried multiple times to pick up aerial, but didn't find something that stuck until about three years ago when I took an aerial hammock class with some expiring ClassPass credits. I loved that the instructor met me where I was and found a good balance between making the class challenging and attainable.


I also have a background in teaching power yoga and in acro yoga. My goal in my classes is for my students to feel successful, but also to find something in each class to work on or improve. 

A few of her favorite things . . .


Color:  Teal

Book:  Can't pick just one, but I love most rom-coms and thrillers

Plant:  Monstera

Interests: Aerial, obviously! I'm also a huge coffee fanatic.

Gemstone:  Salt & pepper diamond

Aerial trick:  Anything splitty

Hometown:  Houston, TX


Tory Lonn

Tory is a thoughtful teacher who has gained experience exploring several yogic approaches. In addition to aerial yoga, she teaches yoga on a mat or a paddle board. She's also a Reiki practitioner and ayurvedic coach.

A few of her favorite things . . .


Color:  All colors!

Band:  Hot Sugar

Book:  Move Your DNA 

Plant:  Agave

Food:  Savory sweet potatoes

Interests:  Painting and drawing

Hometown:  I'm a Midwest girl

Animal:  Tiger

Gemstones:  Carnelian and bloodstone

Aerial trick:  Savasana

Local hangout:  My home